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Face Value Podcast 221: Live Pod at the Levi's Store with Lurk

The Face Value Podcast with Saint Icky, Natey Jax, Bailey Funk and JimmyITK!, Chicago's podcast on all things Hip Hop, Streetwear and Skateboarding.

This Episode featured band members of the one and only Lurk, recorded live in front of an audience at the Wicker Park Levi's clothing store in Chicago, IL. The crew talked about Lurk's latest album “Natural Causes”, tour chemistry with other bands, the song writing process, and of course what is their go-to style of Levi’s? We have the homie Nora to thank from the Levi's crew for curating and putting the event together, DJ Sound Arkitek for getting the party started as always, and Rev Brewing for providing beer for the evening.

If you are not familiar with the Face Value Podcast I suggest you tap in and get with the program. The podcast can be stream on all major podcast platforms and can be watched via YouTube, featuring new episodes each and every week! This Particular episode I had the pleasure of taking photos and documenting the moment in history. Check out some of the photos below, as well music by Lurk as well as upcoming tour dates. You can also watch the recording of the podcast episode recorded live at the Levi's store.

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