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Brunch at Grand Catch

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

St. Paul's newest seafood boil restaurant, Grand Catch has officially kicked off brunch, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Sameh Wadi and the crew over at Grand Catch have brought brunch on the weekend to a new level. Take some of your favorite brunch items and add some of those traditional cajun seafood boil spices with a touch of Asian flavors and you get a pretty unique brunch experience you won't find anywhere else in Minnesota. My top three favorite brunch items are the Shrimp and Grits in Awesome Sauce (a mixture between the Louisiana boil sauce and the garlic butter sauce), the Everything Bagel and Crab Dip, and the Lobster and Avocado Toast. Not only is the food on point, but the brunch cocktails are also pretty damn good, my personal favorite is the Wakey Wakey Eggs and Whiskey the Grand Catch version of a traditional whiskey sour. You can try out the brunch menu yourself anytime between 10am and 3pm every Saturday and Sunday.

awesome shrimp, cheesy corn grits, poached egg, celery + green tomato relish
Shrimp and Grits

tomato, red onion, capers, dill, lemon
Everything Bagel and Crab Dip

isaan vinaigrette, herbs, cucumber (the hipster kind)
Lobster and Avocado Toast

bourbon-scotch blend, amaretto, allspice, lemon, egg white
Wakey Wakey Eggs and Whiskey



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