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Food | Minnesota's Best New Restaurants

what's crackin?

Minnesota Monthly's, best new restaurants by Joy Summers and Jason Derusha feature some of MN's most flavorful and aesthetically pleasing establishments to grab food and drinks such as Martina, Hai Hai, Myven, and more. One that was included is a personal favorite to take photos for, eat at, and simply enjoy a great cocktail, is none other than Grand Catch. Birthed by the owners (and my awesome bosses) Sameh and Saed Wadi, of World Street Kitchen and Milkjam Creamery. The two teamed up with the owners of Cajun Deli, and Shish to bring the Twin Cities a one of a kind Louisiana style seafood boils. Grand Catch offers a verity of seasonal seafood to include, king crab legs, head-on shrimp, mussels, Dungeness crab, crawfish and more by the pound, bathed in sauces and spice levels of your choice. My personal favorites are head-on shrimp in awesome sauce spice level hot, and the addicting crispy fried chicken sandwich that will without question keep you coming back! I want to thank MN Monthly for using a few of my photos in this years issue of MN's best new restaurants, and thank you to the Wadi brothers for allowing me to be apart of the family.

Head-On Shrimp and Crawfish in Awesome Sauce



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