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I Still Like to Play With My Food...

It's been a while since I have added some words to my so called blog. So here I am ready to share a little idea I've have been playing with recently. Due to 2020 and the good old covid-19 doing a number on the local restaurant industry, being a photographer with a focus on food I have had to find new ways to keep myself inspired and potentially sell some photo prints to make up for some money lost during these trying times. This idea to capture some of my favorite fruits and use my my rusty photoshop skills to create these mosaic or kaleidoscope like designs with the fruit to give us something nice to look at and who knows might inspire someone to eat healthier or create some type of art when they see these designs. Some of my inspiration for this idea comes from photographer Mary Jo Hoffman, and her STILL blog of different materials found in the world around us ranging from rocks, feathers, leaves, food, and so much more. Take a look below at my version of playing with food to create these works of art, and if you're really into them buy yourself a print or order one and have it sent to a loved one you haven't been able to see due to the pandemic. Thank you for taking a moment to read this and I hope you enjoy what you see!

All three designs are available for purchase, just simply click each image to start shopping.

Prints will be available in quantities of 10 on 13x19in. made with Moabs Lasal fine art, archival exhibition-quality luster paper. 300 gsm double weight. All prints will be signed and numbered.


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