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Random | Rainy Days

something about rainy days have always been a therapeutic experience. from extreme thunder storms to light sprinkles, sun showers and even a foggy fall morning. the way the earth around you comes to life after the rainfall and the gloomy moments during that bring such comfort when you curl up with some warm food and a good movie or some smooth tunes on the couch with a loved one or even the pups. one thing that always caught my eye right after a solid rainfall is how vibrant flowers look, how green the grass and leaves look. it brings out an energy for me that sparks this want to create and shoot and draw. even the way the light comes in on a gloomy day brings some inpiration and opens the mind to look at things in a new light. take a look at some of my recent rainy day shots, share them, let me know what you think and feel.

(excuse spelling and grammar errors)



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