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Summer Sunflowers

All photos are available as prints, email me with the number and size.

This year, particularly this summer has been a time of change and transition internally for me. I felt a lot of feelings that have been bottled up and push aside for far to long, started to make conscious efforts to better my life, with the goal to feel happy and to feel like myself again. I think I am on the right path and its been a huge relief. Staying focused is a challenge at times, but I am more than willing to fight through it all for the greater good. But enough with all that self love talk, this blog post is more so about reconnecting with a old friend that I met back in fifth grade and being able to share our journey of ups and downs over the past 19 years of experiencing the beauty and darkness life has to offer. Coming together and sharing our passion of photography and rebuilding our friendship has been a breath of fresh air, it has be re inspiring, and extremely motivating to spend time with this person. We recently took a little trip to a sunflower field just north of the twin cities and capture the beauty this earth provides for us. I look forward to more adventures and creating images with my very talented friend Gabriella, be sure to check out her Instagram and follow her work!


All sunflower photos are available as prints

Sizes are 4x6 $10, 8.5x11 $15, 13x19 $25

*not including tax and shipping*

All signed


"When your whole audience is nothing but a wild fire of beautiful sunflowers gazing upon your talents, it’s meant to be." - Me



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