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What I've Tasted Recently in the Twin Cities.

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Over the last few weeks my girlfriend and I ordered takeout from a few different spots we haven't been to yet in the twin cities. Below I will share with you where and what we have tried and enjoyed. Comment or share any suggestions you may have on where we should order from next!

Cafe Ceres

Ebony and I went and checked out the recently opened Cafe Ceres in the linden hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. They are offering traditional and Turkish style coffees, and pastries. I’m not the biggest coffee drinker so I got a hand full of the different pastries. The first image is the ham and cheese croissant and the last image is the pistachio croissant, really liked the pistachio croissant! Once things go back to “normal” I want to go back and try the sandwiches they plan to offer. Would recommend going and checking this place out if you’re a coffee and pastries connoisseur!


Petite Leon

Have you tried any of the food from the recently opened Petite Leon off Nicollet and 38th in Minneapolis?

If not you most definitely should, and if you have did you try this chicken sandwich?

It is called the Bomba Pollo Torta,

harissa marinated crispy chicken, cilantro, aji verde slaw.

To me, it was the perfect balance of flavors and textures even as takeout! Also order the burger and that lasted all of 2.6 seconds and had no time to get a photo of it, yet. Another place I look forward to dining in at once the opportunity is available.


Marc Heu Patisserie Paris

You could say we are on a little bit of a croissant kick around here lately. These beautiful pastries are from Marc Heu Patisserie Paris, this is half of the viennoiserie sampler that Chef Helen shared with Ebony and I. A full sampler comes with 2 of each pastry. The shop is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and is open seven days a week with cakes,

tarts and other sweet treats!


Nelson's Cheese & Deli

Not super big on cold cut sandwiches, but when that craving hits, Nelson’s Cheese and deli in St. Paul is my go to spot. I have my dad to thank for showing me this spot when I was younger, now I’m proud to share it with my friends. The two huge subs I like to get are the

Cheese Maker sub, virginia baked ham, smoked turkey breast, spicy pastrami and hard salami. cheddar and baby swiss on a torpedo roll with lettuce, green peppers, onions, mayonnaise and special sauce. And the Big Bird sub, smoked turkey breast, muenster cheese on a torpedo roll with lettuce, tomato and herb mayonnaise.

They are currently open for curbside pickup and delivery from 10am to 4pm.

Doughscuits from Mucci's

My life has been changed. The morning I went for a little drive to pick up an order of doughscuits (a tender raised donut that has flaky layers) from Mucci's per Tom Horgen recommendation. I’ve known about them for a while but not being into donuts that are frosted and topped I was a bit hesitant. Let me tell you the texture was unexpectedly amazing, kind of that krispy kreme melt in your mouth with every bite kind of vibe. On top of that they weren’t overly sweet and makes it easier to enjoy more than just one. 10/10 would recommend placing an order for next weekend if you want to treat yourself right!

What’s in the pictures? Let me tell you!

•Crème Brûlée

caramelized sugar crust, vanilla bean custard

•Homer Simpson

vanilla glaze, strawberry glaze, sprinkles


vanilla bean glaze, rainbow sprinkles

•Pineapple Express

french toast glazed with pineapple meringue




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