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LOUD Official Music Video

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

On November 30th, 2018, music artist Asia Divine releases the official music video for her single LOUD, originally released three months ago on Soundcloud. The song was written by Asia Divine, produced by Rich Lee. The video was shot in one day at one location in Minneapolis,

shot and edited by Derrick Koch.

Asia was in a studio in Minneapolis when the song LOUD was inspired while trying to write, everyone in the studio was making an incredible amount of noise working on another song idea. "I realized this and moved out to the hallway of the studio to continue, and of course, a guy next door was slamming on his drumset. Eventually, I moved out to her car, it's January in Minnesota by the way, to continue to write before the idea was lost. I stayed in the car and wrote several other songs but this one, LOUD stood out."

LOUD by Asia Divine. Photo by Derrick Koch

The idea of the song was inspired by the desire to write a song and to have peace, but so many other things were going on around that she couldn't think. LOUD is about being in a space of chaos and sometimes needing to find your “quiet space”, for a moment, to create, or to mentally bloom before walking back into the chaos.

The video expresses distractions to all and other things, it explains how Asia's mind works, whilst being a creative and being interested in so many forms of art. She will start off writing, then draw, then dance and stretch. Finding time for all of those things in so little time as well.

Asia Divine is currently working on a project that will be similar to the sound of LOUD, coming out of Mental Purgatory and into a new state of mind, is the purpose of the album. "I am in a different stage in my life, after releasing my previous album Purgatory into the world, almost without realizing, I released the Mental Purgatory I was holding above my head and within my heart."



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